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When Do I Have to Pay Out Leave?

Question: If an employee quits prior to using all of their accrued vacation time, am I required to pay them for the accrued time if requested? How about if the employee is fired for cause and has accrued unused vacation pay? Answer: Generally this is outlined either in an employee manual, or at some poi
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Handling HVAC Emergencies

HVAC breakdowns frequently happen at inopportune times. It’s also not difficult to imagine a circumstance when an HVAC-related emergency could become life threatening. Unheated homes during the winter or sweltering structures during a heat wave can pose imminent danger, especially to vulnerable individu
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2016 Post Election Report

With our ballots cast through Virginia's early voting option, my wife and I boarded a plane in route to volunteer during the last week of the election within our respective home states of Arkansas and Louisiana.  What became clear soon after hitting ground was the Washington, D.C. “bubble” is still inta
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