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MIX Group Provides Emergency Support

September’s edition of IE3 Magazine featured a moving article about a first-generation business’s experience with ACCA’s MIX Group program.  Ms. Pierce’s hesitation to join a MIX Group because of the cost and time commitment should resonate with any prudent business owner facing constant demands on thei
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5 Hot Tips To Bank More Leads Now

Got all the business you want? Great. You can relax and take a load off. But if you’re living on the same planet as most of the working population, you’re probably looking for more leads… like now.  The bad news is that every single one of your competitors is in the same boat, so that means your marketi
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Interruptions and Mind Drift

When people think about listening, they assume it is similar to hearing. This is a precarious misconception because it leads people to believe listening is passive. Hearing a message is a passive exercise; but listening to a message requires mental energy, and this makes listening skills more active.  T
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