Are you losing sales because your customers think they can't afford a new system?

Well, they can afford it with financing from Fortiva Retail Credit, IE3's new partner.

Sometimes, good customers are turned down by your prime credit lender because they don't fit in with traditional lending criteria. But the “second look” experts at Fortiva know that credit scores don't show the whole picture about a customer's ability to pay.

With Fortiva at your side, you can “save the sale” — and help your customer achieve the comfortable, healthy home that he or she wants and deserves!

Best of all,  Fortiva offers IE3 readers and subscribers an easy, app-based application that offers an instant decision so you can save that sale today!

Enroll today. Just click here to get started. 


Why use IE3's partner, Fortiva Retail Credit?

More Approvals!

Fortiva Retail Credit looks beyond just credit score to provide the highest approval rates possible. Fortiva Retail Credit leverages deep underwriting and a paperless process to provide best-in-class programs for its partners while offering low-cost alternatives for your customers.

Instant Decisions!

The Fortiva Retail Credit online process delivers a decision in seconds all through our fast, easy and paperless application.

Mobile App!

Our application can be accessed anywhere and completed on your mobile or tablet device, allowing you to close more sales. Not sure what to say? You can even call us and we’ll talk your customer through the application.

Enroll today. Just click here to get started. 

Word travels fast. When your customers know they can get a loan to purchase the products and services they need, they will be sure to tell their friends and family. By making one sale work, you can open your business up to years of future sales.

Signing up with Fortiva Retail Credit is simple. Just fill out this online form to request more info!